Frequently Asked Questions

HPE Generation 8:

DL160 Gen8 

DL320e v2 Gen8 (quick release ear kit required) 

DL360p Gen8

DL380p Gen8

DL560 Gen8

HPE Generation 9:

DL120 Gen9 (quick release ear kit required) 

DL160 Gen9 (quick release ear kit required) 

DL180 Gen9 (quick release ear kit required) 

DL20 Gen9 (quick release ear kit required) 

DL360 Gen9

DL380 Gen9

DL560 Gen9

DL60 Gen9 (quick release ear kit required)

DL80 Gen9  (quick release ear kit required)

HPE Generation 10:

DL360 Gen10

DL380 Gen10

DL385 Gen10

DL560 Gen10


The minimum quantity is 10 units per bezel design and cannot be split. If you plan to order bezels for two different server models, for example, a 1U design and a 2U design, you would need to order 10 units of each for a total of 20 bezels. 

A variety of factors influence lead time, for example, paint color, complexity, quantity, and other orders in the queue. MBX anticipates a maximum 6-week lead time and as little as 2 weeks from the time we receive your order to the time it ships from our facility. Of course, we always strive to ship orders as quickly as possible. Once your bezels leave the facility, you will receive an email from MBX letting you know your order is on its way. 


Currently, all the options offered through the program are on this website. You can create literally thousands of different design combinations to give your bezel a unique look. If you are interested in a fully-custom design beyond what is available through this program, please contact . Fully-custom bezels require a minimum order of 500 pieces. 


At this time, a bezel lock is not an option in this program. It would require a fully-custom design and a minimum order quantity of 500.  Contact if you’d like more information on a bezel design with a locking mechanism.


We currently offer 186 different RAL colors. RAL colors come in a powder coat finish that helps ensure a smooth, long lasting color for your bezel. Click here to see the exact colors offered.


You can select a color on the website slider bar and when your order is placed, MBX will match your color to the closest RAL color available. If you want to see a side by side comparison, please visit, enter your color and see what the matching RAL color would be.


Yes, however custom colors beyond the standard 186 RAL colors require a minimum order quantity of 500 bezels. If you prefer a custom color, please contact for a quote. 


The bezels are packaged 10 units to a box. Each bezel is individually wrapped and secured to ensure safe transit to your final destination. Unfortunately, bezels cannot be shipped attached to a server. This is necessary to prevent any chance of damage to the bezel or the server itself while in transit. 


Yes, but you may incur additional costs beyond shipping charges. Be advised that your checkout cart ONLY adds the cost of shipping. ANY additional fees, taxes, duties, customs charges and/or country-specific documentation requirements are the buyer's responsibility. Please be sure to find out your country’s import regulations and accommodate these requirements to avoid delays. 


The bezel is spring loaded and requires no tools for installation. To install, insert the right side of the bezel at a 45-degree angle into the right ear on your server. The right side is the fixed, non-spring loaded, side of the bezel. Make sure the bezel tab is fully seated into the server ear. Once that connection is made, then push the spring loaded, left side of the bezel into the corresponding left server ear. Make sure that the bezel tab fully engages and “clicks” into place. After you have engaged both side, gently pull the bezel away from the server to ensure it is fully installed. 


All bezel combinations offered in the program have passed thermal testing to ensure proper server airflow and performance, and have been approved by HPE. 


Please utilize the “build your bezel” portion of this website to get your pricing in real time. There are price breaks for higher quantity orders. All prices are quoted in US dollars. 


Yes, but first you will need to create an account with a username and password. Once your account is verified you can create a design and add it to your cart, and it will be saved for later. It is important that your design is put in your cart, otherwise your design will not be saved and you will need to start over. 


MBX always try to get orders delivered as soon as possible. Remember that these are custom items and require time for quality control to ensure they are up to our standards. Currently there are no options for a rush fees; shipping is standard ground service via UPS. 


Because these bezels are a custom order, we cannot provide an individual sample. The minimum order quantity is 10 units.


No refunds or exchanges are allowed after an order is placed; these items are custom-built to your requirements. If you discover a quality or manufacturing issue when you receive your bezels, please contact